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Frosted Memory Maker! Blog.... coming soon!

Updated: Apr 17, 2018

Do you want your cake to be featured? Here's how!

Simply copy and paste the following questionnaire and email it to

Your name and relationship to celebrant.

Celebrants name and age, if not included on the cake.

Type of Event

Event date

Where did you celebrate?

Why was this design and theme chosen?

How did you learn about Frosted Memory Maker?

What were your favorite elements of the cake?

Please include any photos of the event you would like included, professional photos encouraged, but not required.

That's it! I will do the rest and will let you know when your blog post is scheduled to be


I'll be wishing for all the luck and success of the Frosted Memory Maker! Blog when I blow the candles out on my next birthday cake! I can't do it without you guys, and hope you all enjoy future postings.

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